How to block annoying EU cookie alerts in 3 simple steps

How to block annoying EU cookie alerts

As the topic of the online tracking and privacy becomes increasingly sensitive, some national governments try to regulate this. However, as it often happens. The implementation of new laws leaves much to be desired.

EU Cookie Law

An EU cookie law is a good example of a poor implementation of a great idea. Since the summer of 2012, this law forces EU-based website owners to show an annoying pop-up on their pages, asking visitors whether they want to accept cookies or not. If you are an EU resident, it is very likely that you have seen a few notifications, and in that case you know the negative impact on your browsing experience.

How to remove cookie notifications

Fortunately, these notifications can be quickly removed. The easiest and fastest way of doing this can be achieved by using the famous multi-browser extension Adblock Plus. The extension’s main purpose is to block all the annoying ads on the Web, however, it can be also easily configured to block cookie notifications. The entire process takes less than one minute, and it can be done in 3 simple steps:

1. To install Adblock Plus, simply go to the website and click the green “Install” button. After the extension has been downloaded, all the ads on the web will be gone, however, some small configuration is still required in order to get rid of cookie notifications.

2. When the extension is installed, please open this link to get an overview of all existing filter lists. Simply look for the “Prebake” filter and click on the link under “subscribe”. This link will open Adblock Plus settings menu.


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