Hardware Upgrades

Often when people are considering buying a new computer it’s because their current system is too slow or doesn’t have enough memory. Another common reason is that a computer doesn’t have wireless capability. The truth is that these problems can easily be amended by upgrading your computer rather than buying a new one altogether.

Upgrading your computer will give it a new lease of life and is usually much cheaper than buying a whole new machine. At PC Systems we offer all types of computer upgrades, including adding memory, adding DVD & Blu Ray drives, adding bigger hard drives and adding wireless capability to your machine.

Our Computer Upgrades Service

Memory – Memory is one of the most important factors that will determine how quickly and reliably a computer runs. It’s not uncommon to have multiple programs and tabs open on your computer nowadays so it’s important that you have enough memory so your computer doesn’t freeze or crash.

Monitor – If you’d like to upgrade to a large monitor or even if you’d like a multi-monitor set up for either gaming or increased productivity, then we can help. We can source monitors at great prices and ensure that any requirements you have such as the monitor being HD ready with HDMI ports, are met.

DVD & Blu Ray Drives – Whilst most modern computers come with a DVD drive, they can very easily break down. In this case we can install a new DVD drive, or multiple drives if that’s what you require. We can also install Blu Ray drives. More and more people are now using their PC as a full entertainment centre, which means that installing Blu Ray drives is a very common part of what we do.

Hard Drive – One of the biggest requests we get for computer upgrades is adding a bigger hard drive. Whilst you can buy external hard drives from most electronics outlets, they are not particularly convenient and mean you have to have extra wires at your desk. Installing a new hard drive internally means you get much more space for your important files without any inconvenience.

Wireless Network Card – Having your computer be Wifi compatible is a must if you want to be able to use it away from a modem. We can install a wireless network card in your PC so it’s ready to use wherever there’s a Wifi connection.