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Remove Viruses & Install Windows

Viruses, Trojans & Adware or damaged Windows almost always cause the laptop to run slow with frequent crashes. We can either remove them or reformat the complete laptop by reinstalling Windows. By reformatting the drive all data will be lost but the laptop should become as fast as it was when first purchased.

We are additionally able to copy Documents etc before reformatting so some of the data can be recovered.We can reinstall Windows back onto your laptop even if you have lost all your setup disks Once reinstalled we will restore the drivers and add a virus checker.

Hard Drive Faults & Data Recovery

Hard drive faults occur quite frequently, especially if the laptop has been banged or dropped whilst turned on. The first you may notice is that Windows will not power up properly or there are frequent software crashes. Often errors can be corrected, but it may be necessary to install a new drive and either copy data or reinstall Windows. if your hard drive has failed or has been damaged please contact us for further advice.

Screen & Video Faults

Screen faults are quite common on many laptops and may not be too expensive to repair depending on the cause. If you can see a very dark or ghost image then the screen has probably NOT failed! The fault is probably caused by the illumination circuitry not working. If there is a display with coloured lines or blocks or no display at all then the fault may lie with either the screen or the motherboard. If the screen has a crack or large blotches or what looks like ink leaking then the fault is probably the screen itself.

Our aim is to arrange to visit you within 2 hours of your call.

PC Systems is a mobile company and we visit you at your home or office, whenever is convenient for you. PC Systems specialises in same day repairs of home and business computers. At PC Systems, we offer desktop PC repairs and laptop repair service and will come out to your home or business usually within 2 hours of your call. We will tackle a new PC installation and deal with viruses and malware issues, email problems or just a slow computer.

These days our clients like their problems solved quickly and efficiently and that’s where our same day computer repair service is best utilised.

Rather than waiting days to get your equipment back from a local computer repair shop, our computer repair specialists, based in the North of England, come to you. We can fix 95% of all repairs – hardware problems, software errors, virus removal, setting up new machines – at your home or business, the same day.

What our customer say

Hi, I am a Customer of PC Systems and have been for a number of years now but have tried other repairers before finding and trying PC Systems and am very pleased with the service and Professionalism of PC Systems and it’s Proprietor Andy who is in my opinion Excellent at what he does which is more than I can say about the others I have tried If You Want The Best I can Recommend PC Systems if you require you PC to be repaired professionally and correctly to your Full Satisfaction.

John Steel
John Steel

PC Systems does outstanding work. I have had them do many jobs for me including but not limited to, Complete installation and hookup of my security system, Replacing my Hard Drive in my laptop, Installing Virus and Malware protection, ect. Very Pleased with every job done! I will continue to use Pc Systems.

Casey Governale
Casey Governale

I have used PC Systems for many years and the service is great. Always punctual and never once failed to repair my laptop, be it hardware fault or software. And the only person I will trust with it.